Research Projects

Cognitive neuroscience projects

Characterizing cognitive control networks using a precision neuroscience approach

  • A project that is characterizing the large-scale brain networks involved in diverse cognitive control processes using deep phenotyping.
  • Funded by 5R01MH117772
  • Papers:
    • [A dual-task approach to inform the taxomony of inhibition-related processes] (

Data-driven validation of cognitive RDoC dimensions using deep phenotyping

  • A project that is reframing the Cognitive Systems component of RDoC using deep phenotyping with behavior and fMRI.
  • Funded by 1R01MH130898

Precise brain maps of motor skill training in humans

  • A project investigating how functional connectivity changes within individuals over the course of learning a new motor skill
  • Funded by the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance]

Neural network models of human performance

Challenging existing models and developing new models for response inhibition

Applying novel technologies and methods to inform the ontology of self-regulation


  • A project that densely characterized brain function in a single individual over the course of 18 months.
  • Publications:
    • See for a full list of publications arising from this project

Informatics projects


The impact of AI on Neuroimaging Data Privacy

Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)

Experiment Factory



Women’s Brain Health Initiative Data Coordinating Center

  • A project to coordinate data from several University of California Imaging Centers in service of better understanding women’s brain health.

Cognitive Atlas