Code management and sharing

Code management

  • All code should be managed using a version control system, preferably git.
  • Code should be regularly pushed to a remote server, preferably Github.
    • Our default is that all repositories for research projects will be public, unless there is a strong reason to keep it private.
  • Any substantive code copied or adapted from another source (e.g. stackoverflow) should be attributed to the source (including the URL of the source).
    • References to the copied or adapted sources should be added to the script files where they are written (preferably on the line before the source).
    • Create a following this template to reference larger portions of code that were copied or adapted to your project.
  • Care must be taken to avoid sharing identifiable data, private passwords, AWS credentials, and other confidential information when using Github.
    • Any private information should be stored in a separate text file that is read in by the code, and those files should be added to the .gitignore file so that they will not be checked in.
    • Any accidental breach should be dealt with and reported to Dr. Poldrack and other relevant parties immediately.

Code review

  • All coding projects should be reviewed prior to paper submission.

Code sharing

  • All code should be made available via Github, upon submission of the preprint at the latest.
  • All shared code should be accompanied by an open source license.
    • Our general preference is for permissive licenses such as MIT or Apache, but other licenses may be used (e.g. in collaborative projects that use GPL-style licenses).
    • If code is used from other projects, the licensing requirements for that code should be obeyed.
  • A Github release should be generated for code related to any paper submission, containing the exact code used to implement all of the included analyses for the submitted version.
  • The Github repository should be linked to Zenodo in order to generate a DOI for each release, and this DOI should be included in the manuscript (rather than the Github link).