Code management and sharing

Code management

  • All code should be managed using a version control system, preferably git.

  • Code should be regularly pushed to a remote server, preferably github.

  • All code should be associated with an open source license.

    • By default we prefer maximally permissive licenses, such as the MIT license.
  • Any substantive code copied or adapted from another source (e.g. stackoverflow) should be attributed to the source

  • Care must be taken to avoid sharing private passwords, AWS Credentials, and other confidential information when using Github. Any accidental breach should be dealt with and reported to Russ and other relevant parties immediately.l.

Code review

  • All coding projects should be reviewed prior to paper submission.

Code sharing

  • All code should be made available via github, upon submission of the preprint at the latest.
  • All code should be accompanied by an open source license.
    • Our general preference is for permissive licenses such as MIT or Apache, but other licenses may be used (e.g. in collaborative projects that use GPL-style licenses).
  • A release should be generated for any submission, containing the exact code used to implement all of the included analyses.
  • The github repository should be connected to Zenodo in order to generate a DOI for each release, and this DOI should be included in the manuscript.